ProGauntlet is a protective exoskeleton for the hand, designed to provide the best combination of impact & thrust protection and motoric freedom. This glove was developed by a team of passionate martial artists-engineers with one purpose:

To enable martial artists to safely bring out the best of their performance in training and competition by getting rid of the severe limitations of common protective gloves.

Rather than improving upon existing concepts, the ProGauntlet has been engineered from scratch on the foundation of extensive research in biomechanics, medical science, impact physics, and material science.

The development of the ProGauntlet has been conducted in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and the design is patented (or currently pending) in multiple countries world-wide.

The ProGauntlet is composed of a self-supporting, plastic hardshell with a specialised padded inner glove. The design has many unique features and qualities that make a big difference for your safety and performance.

What makes the ProGauntlet Unique?

Optimal impact reduction
Lightweight, smart geometry hard shell elements
combined with shock absorbing layers

Ergonomic design
Based on biomechanics and anatomical studies, allowing for a natural grip and smooth transitions.

Full mobility, always protected
Overlapping hard shell elements protect the hand in all positions without strain.

Modular & renewable parts
Improving customer fit and product lifespan

The ProGauntlet is now available for pre-sale as CrossGuard is gearing up for full scale production in Q1 2021.

After more than 5 years and over 32.000 hours of research and development we are proud to launch production in 2019.

Due to COVID 19 related restrictions, our international supply chain is currently severely limited. We are currently working on alternative solutions to set up mass manufacturing. For the latest updates regarding these developments, check out our Facebook page.