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The new standard in hand protection. The best impact and thrust protection without compromising on mobility. The wait is over…

€450 (incl. VAT) - €371,90 excl VAT
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About the ProGauntlet

What our customers say

“The ProGuantlet felt like magic, honestly. Light and nimble”

by Mathew Jay Kortuem

“The Mobility is great! it feels like I am not wearing gloves at all. The production is good. More time is needed to prove durability but spare parts are available.”

by Oskar for Messer Fechter

Determine your best fit

Upload your hand measurements and help us prioritize the next sizes for ProGauntlet in 2020

Release timeline & ordering

The years of development are over and CrossGuard is ready to take orders. What can you expect?

To make a complex product like the ProGauntlet we’ve had to invent our own production method. In order to correctly monitor and optimise production, we will start with low volume manufacturing of the ProGauntlet in one size before picking up speed and complexity. Manufacturing of the first batch will start mid-December 2019

When it comes to shipping, our Indiegogo Backers will be served first. The Backers Batch will be made first, starting shipping by the end of December 2019 and all through January. Next, we will commence manufacturing our lager, public pre-order batch to begin shipping early May 2020.

Throughout 2020, lead times will shorten and multiple sizes will be introduced, starting with a woman’s size and a large.