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The new standard in hand protection. The best impact and thrust protection without compromising on mobility. The wait is over…

€450 (incl. VAT) - €371,90 excl VAT
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About the ProGauntlet

What our customers say

“The ProGuantlet felt like magic, honestly. Light and nimble”

by Mathew Jay Kortuem

“The Mobility is great! it feels like I am not wearing gloves at all. The production is good. More time is needed to prove durability but spare parts are available.”

by Oskar for Messer Fechter

Determine your best fit

Upload your hand measurements and help us prioritize the next sizes for ProGauntlet in 2020

Release timeline & ordering

ProGauntlet size L is currently in mid-scale, continuous production. In this phase, we’re tackling the last scaling issues and are gradually ramping up, fulfilling orders as we go.

In the meantime, size M & S are being developed, we expect the new sizes to be available for presales in Q1 2022.